Leverage: A Consortium (L:AC)

Imagine a building that knows how it goes together — improving outcomes for everyone.

Our Consortium is an invitation-only team of building industry practitioners restructuring the way we conceive and fabricate large buildings.  We build value by developing patterns to promote better build-off-site solutions in order to strengthen the design process and streamline the logistics of construction.  We invest our time to optimize integrated solutions, sustaining the industry trend toward build-off-site methods — reducing design risk, enriching affordable building, eliminating construction site congestion, shortening on-site schedules, and improving the quality of built space.


Welcome to L:AC and thank you for visiting.  Please meet our team.  L:AC's advisors are:

Jeff Thompson, Founder and President at The Freehold Group, and

John Coster, Sr. Engineering Manager at T-Mobile.  They bring experience and business focus to L:AC.

I am Doug Bors, President, L:AC.  Happy to meet you.  To find out more, send me an email at dbors@leverageC.com.