Leverage: A Consortium (L:AC)

Chanage is hard.  But change we must.  L:AC reduces risk to make change easier.

Measured Change

Ideally, we bring every client the full potential of every project.  At least, buildings must be safe and healthful.  L:AC works with our members to strive for the best outcomes and to reduce risk embodied in the construction process by measuring each suggested change against traditional construction benchmarks.

Leveraged Design

Every design move must count.  We create logical assemblies that serve as tools for design, tools for manufacturing, and tools for assembly.  We strengthen relationships among AEC team members by collecting solutions to save every team member's effort.

Integrated Manufacturing

Marrying traditional design and construction processes to manufacturing principals is good business for the construction industry and long overdue.  The core of our software framework integrates design with manufacturing, inventory control, and assembly.

Efective Assembly

The Lean Construction Insititite (LCI) insists that labor at construction sites can be used more effectively and L:AC knows build-off-site components do just that.  Our framework creates the documentation required to identify, assemble, and position building components on site to optimize materials layout and maximixe overall labor efficiency.

Continuous Innovation

Historically, high-volume manufacturing required static processes in order to pay for large capital investments.  Recently, information technology has changeed our relationship with manufacturing.  L:AC and its consortium members support continuous innovation through review of each project, use of flexable assembly processes, and deloyment of low-capital assembly methods.