Leverage: A Consortium (L:AC)

Why build differently?

Because we must.  The typical amalgamation of design, pricing, procurement, manufacture, and construction leaves far too much room for improvement.

What do we attack first?

The bones of a building — the elements that support and describe the way a building goes together.  When we fully organize build-off-site technologies it leads to a new metric for success.

How do we make a difference?

With gusto and clarity.  Ours is a bold set of ideas founded in build-off-site processes, stemming from manufacturing principals, and packaged in a software framework defined to feed industry standard BIM platforms.

What kinds of buildings?

Residential, mixed use, student housing, classroom, patient room, & light industrial.

What construction types?

Type 1 & Type 3; mid-rise & high-rise.


Do you have other questions?  Put them in an email to Douglas Bors:  dbors@leverageC.com.