Other industries have seen as much as a fourfold increase in productivity while our industry's productivity has stalled for nearly seventy years.  This is the result:

40% wasted investment

20% wasted time

10% wasted materials

When you leave this much value on the table, you've got to go after it.

That's why Leverage is moving our industry forward.  We start with long A/E experience and broad expertise.  We're not software developers in search of new markets.  We're industry problem solvers in search of best solutions.

While most construction industry software focuses on A/E team communication or 3D design visualization, our software focuses on the dynamic relationship between design creativity and construction efficiency.

Exploiting both build-off-site and premanufactured components, we utilize digital technology to help you recapture lost value in big projects while preserving the power of creative design.

Here's what you win:

  • Significant savings for owners and developers
  • Reliable pricing for manufacturers and contractors
  • Manufacturing insight for architects and engineers
  • Optimal team functionality across a wide range of collaborative environments

We believe continuous innovation is the foundation for success in every enterprise.  We continue to develop our software and strengthen our user interface.  We're expanding our kit-of-parts and developing patent pending component assemblies to further automate the building process.

Our vision?  A thriving industry where your artistic designs drive custom manufacturing toward beautiful places to be.


Contact Leverage via create@leverageC.com