We're proud to introduce our premier software package, Fulcrum.  With Fulcrum you expand the aesthetic range of your project via disciplined control of the bones of your building, allowing you to deliver effective placemaking.  You will discover how spatial organization relates to manufacturing and logistics for off-site components.

  • Use our combination of standard and patent-pending assemblies to inform your design options.  Edit, copy, fit, and augment our assemblies with your own — tuning Fulcrum to match your strengths and client requirements.
  • Leverage the hierarchical organization of parts, collections of parts, and spatial units in a building to mirror the way (your) designers work – copy, move, add, multiply, mirror, rotate, layer, replicate collections.
  • Connect building components in your 3-D models to detailed manufacturing instructions.  Create manufacturing parts lists to ensure reliable pricing.
  • Compare the impact of alternate structural systems quickly.
  • Expedite design changes via a grid management layer that automates the dimensionality of parts tied to grid lines and grid intersections.

Fulcrum targets mid-rise and high-rise Type 1 and Type 3 building projects for:

  • New Industrial
  • Residential
  • Long Term Care
  • Hospital Patient Care


Contact Leverage via create@leverageC.com