Doug Bors

Good to meet you.  I'm Doug Bors, an advantage innovator and Founder of Leverage.  When I decide there's a better way, I find it.  Find me at Linkedin®

Jeff Thompson

Jeff is Founder and President of Freehold.  Jeff brings clarity to the relationships among development, construction, and design.

Jay Weber

Jay is managing partner at Experiential Design in Arlington, MA.  He teaches at the Wentworth Institute of Technology.  He enhances our collaboration tools, relying on decades of pragmatic design experience plus the untempered inventiveness of his students.  See Jay's resume.

Loren Bors

Loren has been with PK for over a decade.  He advises clients ranging from startups to members of the Fortune 50, focusing on channel marketing and sales enablement strategies.  Loren exhibits the wisdom and solutions-drive that invite organizations to improve.  Loren brings essential metrics to Leverage.  He is Leverage Treasurer.

John Coster

John is Senior Engineering Manager at T-Mobile, a serial innovator, and an adviser to Leverage.  John finds and creates technology partnerships for Leverage by knowing the players and understanding the gist of their ideas.  Find John at Linkedin®

Chal Davidson

Chal is Director of Building Industry Change at Xinova, a connector, an entrepreneur, and an adviser to Leverage.  Chal provides Leverage with insight about how change occurs in our industry.


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