Leverage: A Consortium (L:AC) — our team

We strive together to bring design and construction to their full potential.  Good to meet you.  I'm Douglas Bors.  I'm an engineer by trade, a collaborator at heart, and a change agent by habit.

Meet the rest of our team:

Jay Weber

Jay is managing partner at Experiential Design in Arlington, MA and holds the honor as our first Consortium Member.  He teaches at the Wentworth Institute of Technology and The Massachusetts College of Art.  See Jay's resume.  He fuels our collaboration — combining decades of his own experience and the untempered inventiveness of his students — driving technology toward new solutions.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff is Founder and President at The Freehold Group and an Adviser to L:AC.  Jeff brings clarity to the relationships among development, construction, and design.

John Coster

John is a Sr. Engineering Manager at T-Mobile, a serial innovator, and an Adviser to L:AC.  See John's Linkedin page.  John finds & creates technology partnerships by knowing the players and understanding the gist of their ideas.

Loren Bors

Loren consults through Lenati for several very large companies in the Seattle area and is L:AC's Treasurer.  Loren exhibits the wisdom and solutions-drive that invites large organizations to improve.